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Austin Tate :: Blog :: Moodle/SLoodle Experiments - Issue 8

October 28, 2011

I have been testing elements of the SLoodle Second Life toolkit version 2.0.10 alpha alongside Moodle 2.1.2 and the SLoodle module 2.0.10 alpha with a few revisions being made by Edmund Elgar, a SLoodle developer and one of the owners of Avatar Classroom (http://avatarclassroom.com). The testing is throwing up some minor issues and a couple of PHP scripts have been changed as a result.  They will appear in the next alpha test build of SLoodle as the developers move towards the first beta version suitable for Moodle 2.

To date the tests have included:

  1. chat link up between a Second Life classroom and the Moodle chat tool, and logging of authorised by individual avatars in world
  2. in-world assessment delivery drop box
  3. presentation screen using shared media web based image, video and web page URL assets
  4. multiple choice voting and presentation display


Keywords: IDEL11, Moodle, SLoodle

Posted by Austin Tate

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