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Austin Tate :: Blog :: Moodle - University of Edinburgh - Playground Informatics

April 12, 2012

The University of Edinburgh Moodle Virtual Learning Environment is now available at https://www.moodle.is.ed.ac.uk

A playground for experimentation with Moodle for the School of Informatics distance education initiatives is now available with course name "Playground Informatics" (pginformatics).  The UoE Moodle is currently only available for such distance education courses as the service is built up.

People who would like to participate as a course teacher or student should initially contact Austin Tate and provide their EASE UUN, as all users are currrently being added manually.

Note that we also have our own experimental Moodle setup, running in Appleton Tower on an AIAI server... for testing use only as its on one of our manually managed windows desktop servers at http://virtual2.aiai.ed.ac.uk/moodle/

Keywords: Informatics, Moodle, Playground, VLE

Posted by Austin Tate

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