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Austin Tate :: Blog :: The Ais have it

June 19, 2012

In continuing experimentation with OpenSim Non-Player Character (NPC) technology (http://opensimulator.org/wiki/OSSLNPC) as part of work on my MSc in e-Learning dissertation, I have collected together the NPC creation, persistence, movement and removal scripts as resources for potential future projects. See http://atate.org/mscel/i-zone/npc/


An NPC can be created in OpenSim based on the current appearance of a specific avatar, including any attachments it has.  This allows a range of reactive capabiities and web service connections to be established through scripts running in attachments on the NPC itself. OpenSim NPCs are being epxlored as potential tutors in the "I-Zone" - a space to support mixed-initiative scenario-based training. See http://atate.org/mscel/i-zone/ for more resources.

Keywords: NPC, OpenSim

Posted by Austin Tate

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