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Tracy Swallow :: Blog :: MSc: my goals

September 25, 2008

Clara: "So what sort of things are you hoping to get out of the MSc?"

There is a social networking website called 43 Things where you make an account and list goals, read the goals of others and offer encouragement (which may or may not lead to marriage and children presumably).  It is pretty cool, for at least five minutes as many things on the interweb are.

A glimpse at the world's goals 24th Sept 2008 11.30 pm shows that, collectively, we want to: 


watch Stargate SG1 / make others proud / wear skirts more often / control my anxiety / create a programming language / go  to law school / find a job / Lose 15 more pounds / create a permaculture garden / build a excellent piece of furniture out of wood  /write and publish a novel / travel / forgive / be a spy / learn to love myself / create a newsletter / Read "The Magician's Nephew" (Chronicles of Narnia, book 1) / make all A's / Be a better friend / Build a bar in my basement / pay off my student loan / Skydive


Deep stuff!


Funnily enough on 21st March this year I created an account and told the world I wanted:


  • to get my tongue pierced
  • to do a Masters
  • to learn about Moodle, and..
  • to do yoga regularly


Well it was a good start, but something good must have come on the telly then (Stargate SG1 perhaps) and I never completed the other 39 things so I will try now.  Incidentally of the above 4 I am only holding Edinburgh Uni responsible for 2 & 3, I'm not expecting piercing services or asanas in a later module.

So Clara to answer your question my goals over the next three (or four) years are:


 My (MSc E-Learning) Life List

1. get my tongue pireced  

tongue pierced

2. apply for a Masters  

3. learn about Moodle (and other VLE's)

4. do yoga regularly  

5. meet new people  (interestingly I share this goal with 3,786 other people)

6. inspire my teachers to be enthusiastic about technology  

7. blog regularly  

8. feel proud that I have done my best  

9. make a vodcast (thanks Kevin for the new word)  

10. find the money to pay for my very expensive masters  

11. make a podcast  

12. be more inspired  

13. make the most of the wealth of diverse experience that surrounds me  

14. share learning  

15. learn new skills that will make me employable in the US  

16. pass on my learning to my organisation  

17. learn about smoodle  

18. surprise myself  

19. fall in love with being an educator again  

20. get another tattoo  

21. be excited by discoveries  

22. share my strengths with my fellow adventurers  

23. innovate  

24. learn new skills that will make me employable in a broader context than EFL  

25. feel passionate about learning and teaching  

26. see the cybercultural bigger picture  

27. get comfortable with html  

28. get married  (me and 15,757 people, phew!)

29. learn from the strengths of others  

39. make wise decisions about which courses to choose  

31. ask for help when I need it  

32. get a new job  

33. network without fear or embarrassment  

34. have as little to do with assessment as possible 

35. find out how to use second life for more than sex and shopping  

36. explore motivation and buy in  

37. ponder personas and masks  

38. make skillful (and fun) use of my digital camcorder  

39. make a positive contribution  

40. understand how to make a difference to learners' experiences without being in the same room as them  

41. think of a stormin' thesis topic  

42. unite what I love and what I do once more  

43. succeed  


Concerns... tomorrow. 

Keywords: 43 things, goals, IDEL08, moodle, motivation, podcasts, second life, smoodle, stargate sg1, vodcasts

Posted by Tracy Swallow


  1. Hm, worryingly this post did not turn up in my feed either.  I shall have to keep an eye out for you!  J


    I reckon there’s a few of these we can definitely help with.

    In Course Design there’s opportunities to play and build in Moodle.  In lots of courses we use Second Life for tutorials (in Languages, Culture and Communication we also analyse our texts in intriguing and different ways).

     “42.         unite what I love and what I do once more”  Hallelujah.  J

    Clara O'SheaClara O'Shea on Monday, 06 October 2008, 00:36 BST # |

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